My philosophy

This firm is built on five core values:

  • Ready for trial.  Even if you have no intention of going to trial, it is critical to treat every case as though it will end with a trial. This approach means we understand the strengths and weaknesses of your case at trial before you decide to settle or negotiate a plea deal.
  • First-rate legal work.  We learned how to practice law in a big firm and in federal and state prosecutor's offices, and we will continue to meet that demanding standard. This means strong legal writing, vigorous oral advocacy and persuasive jury trial skills. 
  • Efficiency. The work we do on your case will be focused solely on achieving your goals, not maximizing my profit. We are willing to work with you on billing arrangements, particularly by designing a billing method to align our interests.
  • Ethics.  We will practice law in an ethical and professional manner. If you are looking for a scorched-earth lawyer who will bully and threaten the other side, you should look somewhere else. Acting professionally and ethically is a key part of winning cases, and we do not believe there is any other way to practice law.
  • Communication.  We will talk with you at the beginning of your case about how often you want to communicate. My goal is to keep you as up to date on your case’s progress as you want to be.

We love practicing law. We're passionate about being lawyers and helping our clients in every way possible.